First Englush Journal

a journal is a personal record where you can pen your thoughts, observations, and experiences
a diary is a book where you note down important things to keep track of them.
1. What would you do if you were in a public place and you couldn’t control your anger?I would keep quiet and find a place for digesting things that made me angry.I wouldn't show my anger to strangers because I don't want to lose face.2. If someone laughed at you when you’re very mad, how would you react?Just let them laugh. Because they are nothing. I only care about my family members, not people on the street.3. If your friend got angry with you for something that you didn't do, what would you do?I will insist that I did not do it and ask him/her to prove it.If he/she cannot prove it, then he/she is a lier and I will cut off the friendship with him/her.
4. If your teacher got angry with you for not doing your homework even though they knew that you had a family emergency, how would you react?Just ask him/her that which is important for you, homework or family?That' enough.If he/she says work first, then I will say "screw it"!5. If your child got really angry with you for not giving them what they wanted, what would you do?I'll squat and tell him/her that if you want to get something, you have to pay for it, in a gentle voice.There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
6. If your child had an outburst of anger in a public place, what would you do?I'll try to tell him/her to stop being like that and tell him/her why he/she needs to stop crying or yelling.Crying and yelling in a public place is a quite embarrassing and that makes you ugly. So if you want to look like ugly, then continue.7. If a doctor said that you should consider anger management therapy for your child, what would you do?I'll join the therapy with my child because joinging together can strengthen the relationship between my child and me.8. If the person you're dating told you that they're attending anger management therapy, how would you react?Great, that means the person trusts me and I'm happy with that.I'll help the person in the therapy journey and encourage the person to face any issue he/she encountered.9. What would you do if someone who’s really angry with you didn’t accept your apology?I'll first apologize in a cute way trying to melt her and then to give a plan listing what I will do for not making the same mistake again.Also, buy something dessert for her10. If someone insulted you out of anger and apologized for it later, would you be able to forgive them?Sure, I'm a very kind person.
I'll accept if the person apologized in a sincere way



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